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    Post  Lana on Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:55 am

    IGN: Lana

    Real name: Lana Rose

    Age: 15

    Country: Australia

    How long you have played Project Monoxide? A day.

    Why do you want staff position? Because I have ALOT of experience in coding and with runescape private servers, I'm willing to put as much time as I have into this server, putting 110 % effort all the time.

    How you would contribute towards the server?
    I would advertise regularly and If needed, help with coding.
    I also have alot of experience in web/forum design.

    How long are you active on forum per day?
    So far.. I just joined forums

    Would you obey the rules?
    Yes, and enforce them.

    What would you do if a staff member abuses?
    Screenshot, and pass it straight onto my superiors.

    Have you ever been a staff member on another server?
    Yes, I've administrated 3 RSPS's and Moderated over 10.
    All servers have either closed down, or I've left because of inactive due to members.
    I've also owned my own server, reached a population of 50.

    If you wanted to change Project Monoxide in a positive way, how would you do it? I would do what I have stated in my above application questions.

    Do you have MSN? If so please provide it.

    Do you vote for the server on daily basis?
    Yes, I will begin voting every day for as long as needed.

    Tell us about yourself.(Must be at least 50 words)
    If you say so.
    I care about what people say & think sometimes too much.. I love pretty undies.XD. BONDS UNDERWEAR rep. I love people who show me ey wickedd off good time. Hurley. I live for the weekends. Editing photos. Dressing up. Hot hot hot baths. I wear ey lot of rings. I text people next to me.. Trackies. Loud stuff. Movie marra's. Pajamis. Alcohol&Parties are always good. nike. purple&green. eyeliner.. I love gorgeous eyes. I'm pretty out there I want ey tan. I want longer hair. I love sleep. Chillen & lazy days are always the bestt. I can't cook for shittt. I want tattoos. I love shopping. fashion & big sunnies. I love fancy things. Colours. Vintage. Laughing my guts up. We get kicked out of fast food places. Attitude. Revealing clothes. Chewing gum. 5c coins. Heels.. I chew on my straws. I love winter clothes. Scarfs. Photography.

    Hope you take me into FULL consideration as being apart of this growing and fantastic community.

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