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    Hello And Welcome to my app.

    Real name:

    Age:14(15 on dec 12)

    USA FTW!
    How long you have played Project Monoxide?
    4 Days

    Why do you want staff position?
    The Reason I want 2 be a mod is to help people in need and help keep the server safe.I Also Think That ill make a great addtion 2 the team by being super active and not abuesing.

    How you would contribute towards the server?
    Well I COuld Help with coding,or by editing forum and makeing them more active,
    I also could advertise a little and try 2 donate.

    How long are you active on forum per day?
    Well As i be on fourms on server,so when am on server am on fourms,which is atleast 3+ hours day.

    Would you obey the rules?
    Well OF COURSE as i am very loyal and will try to stay Positive 2 the server and help it know most of the rules by heart and make sure they are sent out thre all players.

    What would you do if a staff member abuses?
    Frist i will try to tell them to stop,then if not i will contact some higher Authority
    to try 2 take care of the problem.

    Have you ever been a staff member on another server?
    Yes very many servers indeed,and most were active also.

    If you wanted to change Project Monoxide in a positive way, how would you do it?I would do this by Help Coding as i said above.

    Do you have MSN? If so please provide it.

    Do you vote for the server on daily basis?
    Yes erveryday,and as i fellow mod i will contuine to do this and try 2 ge tmore players

    Tell us about yourself.(Must be at least 50 words)
    Well Like I Said I am 14 Years Old and very addicated 2 the computer(not tht addicated)i am super active on sum of my fav servers.I Play Baseball and Live in gergoia(of Course USA)i also think that i CAN descirbe my self with the wor d"postative"as i am very helpful and postive about things.well i see you want 2 kknow about me so i was born dec 12,i love playing games and like i said i have coded 3 servers b4 and pretty sucessful,they were closed becuz of internet problems.I think i Can Change the Server and Help make It a better Server and keep it with the WORLD!

    I Will See my spelling is horrible and i will edit as soon as possible.

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